• Andrea Glispie

Pathways Launches Career Pathways Learning Network

Pathways to Work launched the Career Pathways Learning Network to help providers contextualize English and basic education classes with career exploration and industry-specific job skills to prepare low-literate adults for career pathways. Participating organizations included: Aberg Center for Literacy, CitySquare, LIFT, Literacy Achieves, Richardson Adult Literacy Center, and Wilkinson Center. Learning sessions were facilitated by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce. Participants took part in group sessions to learn about best practices and then developed program plans for starting career navigation services or contextualized learning options. These plans were reviewed by national adult literacy experts. Ultimately, new contextualized programs will help adult learners build basic and job-related skills at the same time.

Program Plans of Participating Organization(s)

Aberg Center for Adult Learning

Developed a Career track program for ESL and GED programs to help students identify personal skills, research career interests and develop individualized long-term education and career plans in a 12-week curriculum

Literacy Achieves

Created a bridge program to help students became Certified Nursing Assistants. Integrated job readiness in existing programming

LIFT & CitySquare

Developed a bridge program that feeds into CitySquare’s existing culinary training program

Richardson Adult Literacy Center

Created a career bridge program in which success coaches are paired with volunteer teachers to help students set education and career goals

Wilkinson Center & CitySquare

Constructed a bridge program that feeds into CitySquare’s existing construction training program

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