• Andrea Glispie

The power and potential of immigrant workers

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Credit: Aman Bhargava

A new report by Urban Institute takes a closer look at the demographics of the immigrant workforce as well as the challenges and opportunities immigrants face as they strive to advance their careers and earn higher wages.

Urban Institute talked to nonprofit organizations and stakeholders in Dallas, Miami, and Seattle to better understand the hurdles immigrant must clear to secure good jobs and achieve economic security. Many organizations described challenges like limited English proficiency, low digital literacy and low basic skills, but also more structural issues such as high housing costs, lack of transportation and childcare and financial pressures that force immigrants to juggle multiple jobs to support their families.

The report also uncovered divisions between immigrant-serving organizations, business, and adult literacy, workforce development and higher education providers can hinder potential collaborations and cross-cutting solutions. However, there are steps that these stakeholder groups can take to unleash the talent of immigrant workers.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas contributed the report which you can read here.


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