We offer the following links to helpful information and available resources:

Pathways to Work Annual Reports:





Closing the Workforce Gap in Dallas: Seeking Local Solutions to Remove Barriers for Working Families, Early Matters Dallas and BCG, 2018.

Dallas Economic Opportunity Assessment, Communities Foundation of Texas and Center for Public Policy Priorities, 2018.

Dallas Equity Indicators: Measuring Change Toward Greater Equity in Dallas, City of Dallas, 2019.

Dismissed by Degrees: How degree inflation is undermining U.S. competitiveness and hurting America's middle class, Published by Accenture, Grads of Life, Harvard Business School, October 2017.

Race-Explicit Strategies for Workforce Equity in Healthcare and IT, raceforward, 2017.

Regional Talent Pipelines: Collaborative With Industry to Build Opportunities in Texas, Center for Public Policy Priorities and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, November 2016.

Strengthening Dallas-Fort Worth: Building a Middle-Skill Pipeline to Sustain Economic Growth and Expand Opportunity, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Taking Action: Positioning Low-Income Workers to Succeed in a Global Economy, The Hatcher Group, November 2019.